HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Power up Your Adventure

World Premiere Time: Feb 22nd to Feb 28th

Buying Guide

*HOTWAV R7 rugged tablet will have the world premiere on Amazon USA, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, and Amazon Poland from Feb 22nd to Feb 28th, 2024.

Buy at Amazon US

* On world premiere period, the R7 is currently priced at $174.99 on Amazon USA, and the early bird price is $149.99 (only 150 pcs, and will return to the world premiere price when sold out). After world premiere period, it will return to the Official Retail Price of $249.99. Because the price of early birds is only 150 units, first come, first served. You can add to the wish list or shopping cart in advance before the start time.

Buy at Amazon EU

*The world premiere price on Amazon EU (DE, IT, FR, and ES) is 160.99€ , and the early bird price is 137.99€. After the world premiere period, it will return to the Official Retail Price of 229.99€. The quantity of early bird price on Amazon DE (only 80 pcs), IT (only 35 pcs), France(only 20 pcs), Amazon ES(only 15 pcs). The world premiere price on Amazon PL is 697.99zł, the early bird price is 596.99zł, and the Official Retail Price is 996.99zł.

Additional Information

*In addition, in order to give back to old users and media partners we cooperate with, we will also give corresponding exclusive discount codes on the world premiere period. Using exclusive discount codes will get a lower price. Discount codes from different channels may be mutually exclusive when used. Please choose the largest one first. Please refer to the actual purchase price for the specific order vaule.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Featured with IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H and 15600mAh Ultra-Large Battery, HOTWAV R7 rugged tablet probably goes far beyond most other 4G-LTE rugged tablet on the market. With design this rugged and durable, R7 is a perfect choice for a first rugged tablet that's built to last.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Stand Fearless Against Any Harshness

As a strongly built product, R7 can well with stand water, dirt and shock. A reliable partner to have in harsh environments.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Ultra-Large Battery, Carefree Battery Life

With rapid charge mode, the 15600mAh Ultra-large battery frees you of worries about charging, keeping both of your indoor and outdoor activities uninterrupted.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

OTG Reverse Charging

Featured with OTG reverse charging,it can be effectively serving as a portable power bank with a capacity of 15600mAh to charge other devices.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Unlock the Smooth and Powerful Performance

Equipped with the powerful Octa-core Unisoc T606, R7 offers stunning optics for photography, blistering fast processing speed, reliable connection strength and a great balance between display sharpness and power-efficiency.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Up to 12GB RAM

6GB RAM+6GB Expansion RAM

Through RAM expansion technology, you can extend the 6GB RAM to 12GB, providing you with an even more ultimate user experience.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

256GB ROM + Up to 2TB TF

With the 256GB ROM that can be expanded to 2TB, you would feel totally free in the digital world.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Android 13.0 OS

Customise your rugged tablet for your own style. With Android 13,
you have more control over what information apps can
and can't access – including specific photos,
videos and clipboard history.

See More, Enjoy More

The 10.1 inch HD+ display with the 16:10 aspect ratio offers more resolution, and provides you with the much more immersive reading and gaming experience.






Aspect Ratio

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet
HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet

Widevine L1 Support

Featured with supporting Widevine L1, you are free to roam all over the 1080P digital world on all the streaming media platform.