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Sales Manager

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1. More than two years experience in e-commerce network marketing;
2. Having theoretical knowledge and certain time experience in project management, marketing planning, brand planning, network marketing, etc.;
3. Excellent online marketing data analysis capabilities and rich analytical experience;
4. Have a certain ability in copywriting and website planning, profound understanding and unique understanding of customer experience tour;
5. Have a certain degree of awareness and execution capabilities for online marketing business processes;
6. Have some practical experience and marketing experience on mobile internet.
Job Responsibilities
1. Assist the general manager in formulating the company's development strategy and sales strategy, formulate and organize the implementation of a complete sales plan, and lead the team to transform the plan into sales results;
2. Actively develop the company's business, establish a good cooperative relationship with customers and the industry;
3. Formulate annual sales expense budgets to guide and control the direction and progress of market sales work;
4. Decompose sales task indicators, formulate responsibility and expense evaluation methods, and formulate and adjust sales and operation policies;
5. Establish an industry customer database to understand the current status and possible needs of users of different sizes;
6, the organization department to develop a variety of sales tools to complete the sales plan and payment tasks;
7. Sales team building to help establish, supplement, develop and train sales teams;
8, presided over the company's major marketing contract negotiations and signing work;
9. Conduct customer analysis, tap user needs, develop new customers and new market segments.
1, 28-40 years old, college education, good professional ethics, excellent character, high overall quality;
2, with more than five years of marketing or management experience;
3, strong ability of writing, strong expression;
4, has a strong market development and sales skills;
5. Have excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, and experience in building and training teams with good sales performance;
6, have a strong time management capabilities and work management capabilities;
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