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HOTWAV New Production in Malaysia

HOTWAV New Production in Malaysia

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Straight from the source  HOTWAV officially enters the Malaysia market


On August 16, HOTWAV announced its official entry into the Malaysian market, which is another important international business expansion after entering the Indonesian market three months ago. Its alight to create a larger user base in Southeast Asia by bringing more mobile phones and smart device products to the Malaysian market.





HOTWAV Senior President Leo: "Today is another important milestone in the process of HOTWAV international expansion. We are very pleased to announce the official entry into our new market in Southeast Asia - Malaysia. We attach great importance to the Malaysia market and will be committed to it. To meet the needs of Malaysia consumers with more innovative technology and top quality products and services, HOTWAV is a company dedicated to research and development and bringing innovative products to the public. We believe in products will win the trust of users."




Winds CEO Tony also congratulate HOTWAV for officially entering the Malaysian market :I am very pleased to see HOTWAV officially enter Malaysia and work together at HOTWAV to bring in a variety of products such as Symbol X and Symbol S3. We are always trying to create a better life , to connect and discover more beautiful things in life , like HOTWAV , he always and insists to this thing.”