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In 2018 , HOTWAV’S journey will be accompanied by the ocean

Created new brand “TOONGOO”, with the core values of together create 、enjoy、win ,cooperation with more partners ,

Embrace the future with more stories  !

The MWC2017 was held in Barcelona from 25th February to 2ed march , it is the largest global exhibition of communications. HOTWAV succeeded in getting the long-term cooperation and support from global customers which brought a star product “Pixel 2”debut to the MWC exhibition .Even have good international market share about HOTWAV from GOOGLE backstage collected , and signed a MADA cooperation agreement with GOOGLE in August.

In 2017,innovation has always been HOTWAV’s purpose and faith 

HOTWAV annual export volume was up to 4.56KK pcs ,according to China’s customs service. And that it has been named one of the fastest growing communications companies in Shenzhen by mobile technology weekly. The same year , flagship product of Cosmos V8 debut at Hong Kong mobile electronic show , make a remarkable achievement 

In 2016 , achieved great success in smartphone market and gained a favorable reception

Set-up HOTWAV and develop brand strategy , not only successfully launched HOTWAV in Dubai by sales division ,won initial success of the brand , but also deeper into the South American market. Main product of Venus X1 , has been getting affirmation from global customers and the strategy of opening the international market has played a stable foundation

In 2015 , approach identified and develop brand strategy of HOTWAV


Established in Shenzhen in 2008 . Hotwav is a global company dedicated to providing most favored mobile phone and services for local consumers in emerging markets . After 10 years of expansion, the company is now a high-tech enterprises , also have gained customers support and long-term trust , meanwhile successfully sign a MADA cooperation agreement with GOOGLE under the certain international market share , became a representative of the rapid development of the communication industry !

From R&D , design , manufacturing to sales and after-sales service , HOTWAV is able to control its whole industry ecosystem. At the same time , we have carried out vigorous exploration and beneficial practice in the fields of technological innovation , not only have developed a high quality and high benefit development team , also established a research and development center with international level !


The company is try to grab bigger market shares , we have been strengthening the development of independent brand business and also while optimize the OEM system , provide faster and better service to customers all over the world , Now our company’s market covers Dubai 、Russia 、 Indonesia、Thailand、Mexico、Colombia and other area of the world .

Company mission

Three joys

Joy of purchase 

 HOTWAV’s products and services not only to allow users to reach satisfaction, but also to make it touch and resonate .

Joy of sell 

 To high-quality products and good service to obtain customer confidence, so that engaged in sales, service staff at work when full of self-confidence .

Joy of create

To make users more satisfied, we are always committed to creating quality products that exceed their expectations and to provide better service with our heart .

Company vision

Development strategy

Technology stands firm , sound management

To be recognized by the society , sustainable enterprises 


 Insisting on integrity、responsibility、healthy 、scientific development

To create customer value and effectively meet its needs

To pursue WIN-WIN 

Provide platforms and resources to motivate employees to create value and achieve themselves

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Company Profile

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