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Mobile phone power consumption

Mobile phone power consumption

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Mobile phone power consumption If you feel that your phone is using faster power, check it out as follows:

1, From 100% power to prompt the need for charging, generally it takes about 1 day;

However, the specific time has a lot to do with the use of mobile phones. If the mobile phone is used frequently, long-running games such as large games will consume more power.

2, Turn on battery monitoring. Under normal circumstances, the screen, Android system, mobile phone standby, Android OS, etc. are relatively power-consuming (mostly large-screen Android phones are).

3, can test the phone standby power consumption one night. Under normal standby conditions, power consumption is generally around 10%, and power consumption in flight mode is generally around 2%.

Of course, this value is the theoretical value. The actual normal standby and flight mode standby do not rule out the extra power consumption of your mobile phone due to background software running or self-operation.

4, determine whether the phone is charging properly. From the mobile phone prompts need to charge until 100% battery, most models use standard adapter takes about 3 hours.

5, mobile phone power consumption and mobile phone installation applications, operating procedures have a great relationship, you can restore the phone after effective backup factory, do not restore the backup to see if the phone is charging and power consumption time is normal.

6, If your mobile still not in a well performance, after using the factory, it is recommended that you go to HOTWAV local sales office for testing.